Happy Moments

I don’t think I really have a “happiest” moments, but there are happy moments that stand out more than others. One example of this was my first kiss…it was just so perfect. I had literally just gotten back from  a long day at school and I got a phone call from a girl in my school. Let’s just call her Emma(not her real name though). She was a year older than I was, but we hang out all the time, and I was starting to fall for her, and hard. She came and picked me up, and we went to hang out with our group of friends and had a blast. On the way home, we decided it was too beautiful time shared to just go home, so we went to her place, just the two of us in her house . It was a picture perfect scene. The air was so crisp that when you breathed it, I swear you could taste it….like it was something that you could reach your hand out for and just barely touch it. We ran around, and had little silly talks about not worrying about growing up. Everything was just perfect that day. I remember just feeling intoxicated from the pure joy, and not being able to stop from spinning around and around. Eventually, we both had to stop, so I lay down in the chair, with Emma to my left, and we just lay there in silence. Of course, she made some rude comment, so I softly tried pushing her from the couch, which resulted in a pushing each other war….and all of a sudden we were mere centimetres apart. She smelled so good. I had never really wanted to kiss someone the way I did at that moment, and I don’t think she ever looked better, even after we started to date. Some unknown entity had flipped a switch, and it was like we were two entirely different people than we had been just the week before. You could feel the breath catch in both of our chests as we realized the same thing, and then she just grinned her adorable half-grin, scooted a little closer to me and lifted my chin until our lips met. 

Anyways…..it was just something I had never experienced up to that point. It was so simple and perfect.



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