At-least am not as sad as i used to be

Lately I’ve come to realize the obvious: in the pursuit of happiness there is only one measure of success — being content with what you have and who you are.

For example, I personally don’t really enjoy many things most people enjoy, going out to hang out with friends, or getting drunk. And yet, many people enjoy these very much. On the other hand, I enjoy some things that other people may not enjoy, such as surfing the web, listening to great music, or just little random things which comes to mind every now and then.

Every society has expectations about what people should and shouldn’t enjoy — and in some cases these expectations are different from what people actually enjoy.
In many cases, many people just adapt to the rules and expectations of the society they find themselves in and they are well off happy, but sometimes these expectations can make people very timid and not able to be themselves.

Growing up, i heard a lot of things i couldn’t do, say and even places i couldn’t go just because it was considered wrong. “Stop that Ben” – is all i heard most of the time. Now even though these things brought me lots of pleasure and i was happy doing or saying them, my parents and the people around me were keen on making sure i conform to the standards of my surroundings.

Bullocks right? i mean why cant i be myself? why cant i learn as i grow, why does someone feel they have the right to shape me the way they deem its “right”?

As i grew i came to learn we depend on things; we depend on people to make us happy. For a farmer, the rain brings joy. But the same rain when it becomes a flood, brings him and others misery. In the world as a whole, certain things that make one happy are bound to make others sad. Happiness is relative.

I am old now, frail and bruised but that has never stopped me from doing what makes me happy.
Life’s short to be filled with regrets. Every day is a new opportunity, a new beginning. We can make it what we want to make it.The quest for happiness never ends, but don’t forget to look at the clues that lead to little joys along the journey!

Our quest for happiness seems to be insatiable.The feeling of joy lasts as long as the object of joy is with us and then it vanishes. And in our search for bigger joys, we fail to recognize the little things in life that bring us joy.

I didn’t learn this lesson earlier as i wished i should but – At-least am not as sad as i used to be.


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