The war within

I have this life that is fun at times,
Sometimes brings me down and knocks me out.
Sometimes good and sometimes bad but still I smile because I am alive.
I’ve done a few bad things and gotten into loads of trouble,
But those days are gone, and now I seek a more peaceful mind..

I had this job that I freaking hate, yet went everyday.
I enjoyed the money and all it could buy,
Because I wanted it all in this pursuit of happiness i seek.

I am happy, but not yet fulfilled.

I am able to afford what I need, but still empty for my wants.
Filled with urges concealed inside,
I crave for peace but can’t seem to find.

Trapped like a slave, compressed with desires.
What is the meaning of this life? I wonder…
My soul screams to be free as I sit in denial
With the sins i have done throughout my years.

I called to God and He heard my cry, He picked me up and changed my life.
I look back now and I am thankful for the strength and grace given to me, the war within I won at last.


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