Died too Young

Everybody is gonna go sometime, one-day you are here the next you are gone.

Death is truly a part of the circle of life. No one gets out of this life alive.
I think that’s the reason we find it so hard to talk about it, at that moment we have to recognize we are nothing but mere mortals.

I can never understand why does the good die young? I have lost many friends who were the best people I knew. And I can think of plenty of “not-so-upright” people who are living it up.Enjoying life as they go. Where is the justice? What is the Point?

When someone you know passes away, you feel you’ve lost something precious. We are left with a gaping hole in our heart, and we often wonder why they were taken.  And even if it can only be for a short while that we are alive, we will take whatever we can get and hell yh be  happy.

On my way to work today my dad had taken a turn through the Labadi area to avoid the incoming traffic on the other side of the road.The traffic through the town wasn’t as terrible as the one on the main road..Whiles the car was moving i happened to have glanced outside and noticed an obituary on one of the buildings, it was that of a 13 Year Old girl . Suddenly a deep sense of sadness had filled my heart, and anger followed soon after. I did not know her but the humanity in me could relate to the unfairness of her demise.

I clinched my fist in anger, angry at this unfair situation i had just witnessed. She was so young and yet had been taken out to soon. I tried putting myself in her parents shoes, how they would have felt when they heard of the news of their daughter loosing her life at such a tender age. 

You know one of those days when you feel like nothing else matters? This is one of them, the though in my mind as we drove passed was why, why, why this injustice had to prevail? that a young child must loose her life. Such a tragedy indeed.

In times like this is when faith shines over all the logic of science and reasons that we hold onto in life, when death is far from our thoughts. My heart is heavy and filled with rage i cannot explain if i don’t stop now, it might burn a hole in my soul i can never repair.


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