Living through a Status Update

A new system policy was just implemented on our work network which disallows surfing social sites during certain hours of the day, this was implemented to help us stay away from sites such as Facebook and twitter, my boss explained how people spent too much time on these sites hence the action to curb this problem.In the middle of his speech i was surfing the web(Facebook) on my tablet, I know I shouldn’t do this but design is an art and sometimes you just need a distraction to clear your head, and well the truth is, Facebook is tempting. It’s right there, i don’t need to get up from my desk to access it (so easy).

A person on Facebook can be connected with a whole bunch of people and experiences without ever leaving his physical location. A newly Married couple’s pictures on display. A friend updates his status, “My life your entertainment, you watch it i live it.” Another friend announces his relationship status by changing his status from engaged to Its Complicated just by the click of a button. Still another friend tells us how excited he is his team won (Arsenal) and oh by the way i am a Gunner (No size) :).

There are parties, weddings, break ups, drama, proposals, insults, and endless photographs of “selfies”. All of these attracting responses, some numbering in the hundreds.
For these people they have found a place they feel at home, and for me reading and scrolling through all those updates is like an adventure.I once heard this quote from one of these public speakers which said “I cant understand the need for this generation to post their most precious thoughts on a social media”. To some extent i guess it makes sense but can you blame them?
There’s something genuine about these updates, Facebook is, after all, a way of staying connected in an increasingly busy and disconnected world.But it can also feel thin and unreal, a delusion rather than a real sense of humanity and actual emotions.

I have had many downsides in my life and sometimes i wonder, if social media had been available to me at the time, would I have posted most of them on Facebook? Tweeted it to my followers? Would I have spent lots of cash on airtime Data for just a few hours of monitoring the responses? The notes of kindness, countless “likes,” mostly from friends who never actually call or visit? Maybe i would have and then again maybe Not.

I worry that we’re confusing the small, priceless details such as an emoticon (<3) instead of an actual hug, a virtual handshake instead of a real firm grip of another persons hands, a poke instead of an actual phone call or even a common simple smile.


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