I see war and pain but everything is going to be okay,
diseases and struggles, but we will be fine.
I see deaths and anguish in the eyes of many, but we will be just fine.
I see old and feeble men begging for bread as i walk the streets, but they will be just fine i guess.
I see nursing mothers begging for money(coins) by the side of the road, risking their life and the lives of their children, but then again they will be fine.
I see a failing political system which is inclines to winning votes rather than making change, but we will be just fine,
I see a generation of onlookers who cant be bothered to make change, they stand and watch their lives pass them by, but then again they too will be just fine.
I see gruesome accidents on the news, people killing each other over small trivial differences, but then again the rest of the people left will be just fine.
What is this? We are not blind yet we see not the suffering around us.
This world is dark and sad, each and everyday people become more wicked.
No love nor affection, this emptiness we all try to ignore and live a life of no value and importance.

How do people smile so easily? Live so freely? Always calm and gentle whiles the times are getting worse.
Can they not see the blood? Can they not hear the cries of babies and mothers all around?
This must STOP, the blind eye we turn to the pain of our fellows must end.
We cant ignore the real issues out there and pretend this world is one big happy place.
Take a stand, make a change move the world.



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