Smoking Mirrors

I get it you have access to the internet, your wow us with all you say and post on your profile, you sound so deep, such an intellectual we all thought. But then we double checked and there it was :

You are not deep, but just a guy with internet access, you are no poet or a philosopher, you are just a guy who uses Google a lot.
You have never been to the Meteora in Greece, the Tianzi Mountains in China, or Venice nor tasted sauvignon or a Chablis whiles you watch the sun set in Paris you just read about it and fooled us all.

You are no genius, or a walking encyclopaedia of knowledge, you just have access to Wikipedia. You re not even that funny in person and yet on your status messages you are so hilarious, little did we know those were other peoples thoughts you had stolen to impress us.

You speak with that accent as though you had lived your whole life in England or some fancy foreign country, but then we later found out you are just like the rest of the ordinary folks who grew up in the hood (James Town), in that old building across the sea.

You didn’t go to MIT, or NYU nor Cambridge and yet you pride yourself in boasting how great their educational system is and how you benefited from it. Sad indeed.

You dont need to prove nothing to us, we would accept you for who you really are, we don’t really care about where you went to school, or those plagiarised comments you write everyday to keep up this lie you have created.You don’t need to be deep, sound more intelligent than you are to be socially accepted. What you truly are is what makes you unique and that is the story you should be telling, that thing that makes you different from everyone else is your strong forte.



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