I haven’t lost hope, am just very tired.

Am tired and exhausted, burdened with thoughts and little voices in my head draining the life out of me.Am fatigued and weary from life’s battles that have scared me badly.Even at this very moment my soul cries out for help, to be comforted by rest and peace of mind.There is a gap in my heart i need to fill, but with what is a question yet to be answered.I don’t need love, i don’t need care, neither attention nor pampering.

I just need to be left alone, put into a coma for a while so i can rest and get myself back because sometimes i think i have lost him.I am a fighter and usually i bring it to every situation i come against, but this time i don’t wanna fight, i don’t wanna put up a struggle and come out wounded.
I don’t wanna give up but i sure don’t know what to do, am just tired.

Maybe i should just bow my head and give in, submit to this overpowering force weighing on my heart with feels like there is a bag of cement placed on my chest, so heavy.

Am too young for this, and too old to fight my bones are frail and weary from the blows on every side. The tears don’t even fall no more for i have been drained and left out to dry and pass away as dust in the wind.Maybe someday i will find my way, maybe someday a hero may come rescue me but until then am just gonna beg for my life because honestly i don’t know what else to do.


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