As good as I can

(Text) “Babe! Guess who’s back in town and can’t wait to see you!? Forget everything you have planned today cos your cherie coco needs you bad 😉 I miss you a lot and i cant wait to see you :* 🙂 <3″

This is a text i had received the other day, whiles i was resting on the couch at home. My first reaction was to text back asking who it was, but then the content of the message had thrown me in a state of confusion because i didn’t know who it was.
I tried to recollect who it might be but no one comes in mind.

Finally i called back and on the other end was this very sleek accent, hey boo she said. Boo ?? Really?? no one calls me that i thought to myself. Everything was happening very fast, i barely managed to say the words who is this? Its me B………….!!

The End ,
what did you think was going to happen??Lol 🙂


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