Not to be ‘Affair’

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Young love is fascinating to me, but at the same time something about two people expressing intense emotions for each other makes me want to feel what it would be like.

She is old but … attractive. I wonder if she would glance at me and smile or even a lil smirk.That would be my invitation to dazzle her, a silent gesture saying “I think you are cute.” We would talk of life and of love and of how even though we could never work, a short dalliance would not be the worst thing we both have done.

As I leave I catch the eyes of another girl standing in the doorway, probably my age, i cant seem to get these things right. She averts her gaze. She looks uncomfortable, insure and unsure of herself i guess.

I had always said there is nothing more unattractive about a woman than one who wears her insecurity in public.I shrug and just walk on to pay my bill and walk out.

Another time maybe i said to myself but since then i cant forget her face.


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