Rising Hope – My reflection & I

As i stood there in front of the mirror
Saw him staring back at me
The words just came out
“What are you thinking?”

He was quiet for a while
Then looked away
He was hesitating.
I could tell he didnt want to say

I asked him again
“What are you thinking?”
I touched the mirror glass
As though reaching out to touch him

He said in a soft voice
“you are mostly on my mind
Other days, other people
I think about her”
I think about the direction of our lives
How the wrong decisions you make affect me
I think about how you take our feelings for granted
Putting others before us
I think about why we are lost and just want to find our way home

And most days i keep wondering?
Do you care?
Would you ever be happy?
What does the future hold for us?


He smiled and said, but you will be fine
“It may not be today or tomorrow
but you will be fine Ben.”


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