This is crazy. .probably the most craziest thing I have allowed since “gone girl”,lol .

It’s Sunday..I should have gone to church but woke up tired and my folks had already left.The TV was still on from last night.Just before I awoke I could hear cyndy laupher’s time after time  playing on the TV. That song is awesome .I woke up, said said prayer as I always do and went back to bed.

Then it happened, you dropped in my mind that feeling of missing someone.I could see your face, that look in your eyes when you are shy, just before I kiss you. Even my OCD can’t compete with that feeling when you are close.

Before I get carried away and burn through this note with this flame that’s brewing up let me get back to the subject.

Is it weird that I miss you?Is it weird that I think if you most of the time and just smile?

Is it weird that I get lost in a daydream and you are all that’s on my mind?

Everything is happening very fast..I can’t seem to get a grip on this..I so wanna believe there is something great about to happen but my ocd plus all the experiences can’t allow it..I have been here before it doesn’t end well.

Maybe am over thinking this..I Should just chill and see where this goes right????


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