It’s the same line everyday, same stories, same excuses. “Am working Late again , my boss won’t let me go, blah blah blah”.
She had heard it so many times she is used to it and actually believes him.If only she knew.If only she could catch a glimpse of the two faced trump she was involved with .She would run for her life, or maybe hide when ever he comes close.

I think some people just blindly fall in love and maybe that’s fine, it works for them but when you do get hurt make sure you lay the blame at your doorstep and no one else’s.Tragic love sometimes has a way of shaping our lives in ways we can’t imagine and sometimes the thrill is worth the pain but I have seen others not take it so well, I have seen girls with suicidal tendencies just because some guy broke their fragile heart and they vow never again.
Don’t get me wrong am not saying don’t fall in love or don’t fully give your all to someone. NO! Mount basically is be cautious who you decide to show that affection to because in the end when the cookie crumbles you have to be the last man standing strong with your head held up high.Not devastated and wasted.

Too many times we switch off our logic when love is involved but perhaps we were given a brain as well as a heart for a good reason.The two must be in agreement for harmony in the soul.

Sleek nice looking monsters are all around us seeking to pounce and rip out your heart when you give them an inch into your life.Live life such that in the end there would be no REGRETS. .YOLO!!


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