Sarcasm – The shield of Cowards

I have recently had cause to punch lots of people in the face this week but i have had to restrain myself. Most often people hide behind sarcasm and make lame comments just to avoid speaking their mind. But i think they are saying exactly what they feel and think about you.

Covering it up with a little humor and sarcasm is their way of making it seem as though its not what they really want to say.

In my personal opinion i think if any relationship (friendship or otherwise) will survive , cut out sarcasm since sarcasm is actually hostility disguised as humor.
In that seemingly little comment you make is a hidden truth you are too afraid to tell someone you actually care about.

The one receiving it might outwardly react to it with a smile, but the truth is most people who receive sarcastic comments feel insulted and belittled and have a very negative perception of the sarcastic person.

Sarcasm hurts and it cuts deep into peoples feelings, so the next time you decide to be a jerk or bully and hide behind sarcasm, think again.

Your constant need to use sarcasm as a way of escape is you trying hard to hide some of your own insecurities.

If you study the issue carefully, one can conclude sarcasm is a a form abuse and most people who abusive others are themselves often angry, insecure, lonely and pathetic human beings.

We are all people, none is above the other nor more important to this universe than his friend, neighbor, sister, or brother. A kind honest word to another wont hurt .

If i ever get to be old and check out, i would like this to be read to my kids and grand Kids.My last words to them.


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