Know your place

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I found something to write about, I have been distracted of late and my feelings are clouding my reasoning and ability to fully function. It’s taken me a while to realise but it just hit me and I have come to certain realisations.

For me I think one of the tricks or maybe hack of life to staying happy and having peace of mind and heart is knowing your place in everyone’s life.I think most often we hype ourselves in the lives of the people close to us.

Be it a girlfriend, a colleague , a boyfriend etc.We have this misguided notion in our minds and we make sacrifices which in turn end up very badly especially when you find out the person you thought was all that won’t do same for you or doesn’t see in in that same regard..In relationships we make very questionable decisions based on temporal feelings and this I believe is the cause of a lot of the world’s heart aches.
Knowing your place in someone’s life gives you leverage and a form of protection from getting hurt.

I once bought this girl a very expensive gift for her birthday and i went to her school to give it to her.She was so happy, later i had to go some where and was late so i asked her to drop me off at the next junction to get a cab, in my mind i was like she would be more than glad , well she said her fuel is to small to drive me to the junction that she had somewhere to go in the evening and needed that fuel..smh.

Picture a guy who bought lunch to go give to this “Girl” at her home just cos she kissed him once or twice and all of a sudden he feels like she is all he ever wants, in his mind she is all his(foolish move ).
He gets there to see her and her lover in his car outside her house, she sees him and pretends she doesn’t know him so he passes by and makes a turn in the corner hoping she would call with an never came.

Never expect to much of people , they always fall short.


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