Under the Dotted White Ceiling – My Very Unique Colleagues

A typical Monday morning is here again, as i walk into working area, i am met by this voice singing and the fella snapping his fingers to the rhythm of his voice.
Its Martins as usual, our very John Legend (without the looks..lol) if i dare to say.He has a good voice no doubt and can hit some very unique notes hence he tortures the rest of us with his impulse bursting into one song or the other every now and then.He is a simple young guy with a great sense of humor but afraid of commitment when it comes to relationships.

As i take my seat i meet Calie K Boateng, my immediate manager who sits just by me at work. Calie is very quiet and shy, his OCD doesn’t allow him to do a lot of things normal people do, wearing his neatly pressed shirt and trousers, complimented with his designer watch he sits quietly in his corner and eats his salad every morning.He is really a great manager and advises me a lot of work related issues. He is really good at FIFA and once in a while i get to whoop his ass in our game room.His love for his wife is really heart warming and i think he will make a great Dad someday.

Then to my immediate front just across the room is Jennifer, i call her Jenny (she is very unique or maybe just weird). Jenny is our assistant HR and she is very good at her job.She is extremely calm and very friendly which i think is a good quality. I call her weird because i think she has a very beautiful mind.Some of the conversations i have with her always leaves me more interested in what she might say on some other topics . She is simple and very down to earth, i like jenny she makes a great friend and am sure her pilot would love her very much.

Then there is Stanley (Sshtanley aka Guy Guy) very cool dude, he is like a brother to me, very strict when it comes to morals and ethics. He is very intelligent and articulate. He is sociable and can make PHP Coding seem like its a nursery rhyme. I actually enjoy the conversation we usually have, be it religion, national issues or general national issues.He is patriotic and gets along very well with everybody. I dont think i have seen him pissed or angry but am sure he has his moments.

Erica Erica Erica, my very own office Chere coco.One of the most realist women i have met in the entire 27 years of my life.Erica is a programmer here and she takes her job very seriously, she is passionate and has the product at heart. I have watched her come to work and diligently . She is not afraid to speak her mind at any given time. She is such a sweet person and i keep telling her the guy that wins her heart would be lucky. Erica and i go jogging together on weekends and its the fun part of our Saturday since we get to talk about all the bullshit on the road.

As for Samdan and love for cake, its a whole post on its on later next month. Sam is one of those guys that don’t let things easily get to them, he is always eager to learn and has great leadership skills when it comes to coordinating projects and meeting deadlines.He has these funny gestures he makes when he is in a jovial mood and dances sometimes. Ikr very EPIC !!!

There are two people i would love to write about but i don’t know how that’s gonna end so for now lets leave it here. I hope i have been able to paint a mental picture of these few unique people who make my day fun and exciting with adventures.

Who knows maybe my next post would be about all the annoying people here too 😛


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