Woman On a Ledge

Here we go again…

Risking it all again
He holds her gaze and looks her straight in her very pale eyes
Blasting her heart into a million pieces
She suffocates every time he is near
And when she opens her mouth to speak the works don’t come out

She wants to escape, shut out the feelings
Standing on the fourth floor of her apartment
She wants to jump, the wind is all over her face
It feels so good, when she sees his face in her mind and smiles
A little tequila shot in her blood making her head spin like a carousel

She wants to feel this warmth but should she risk it all?
She has been here before, this scene looks all to familiar

She had lived her life dreading this moment
But the storm is here at-last

Why Fight?Just Give In!!
Just before i could get to her she Jumps …!


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