Everything is Not Funny

Nana had just made a serious grammatical mistake in a company meeting, we were all paying close attention to him until the dreadful blunder. He turns to look back at his colleagues sitting behind him, everyone’s eyes focused on him as he turned. Wow that was loud his friend in the back exclaimed!!He doesn’t usually make this kind of mistake and i think that was what made the tension so dense. His friends all get up bursting with laughter? Funny or not?

Of course his friends are not thinking about the fact that this is a very serious meeting and we should treat it as such. The CEO was present. Rather than pay attention to his power point presentation and give meaningful contributions, the laughter takes over and turns into a tearful, stomach-hurting long moment. We didn’t really think it was a big deal but Nana felt emotionally hurt we saw his mistake as something worth laughing about.

Everything is not funny. Sometimes it is necessary to make sure we don’t come across as mean to someone just cos they made a mistake. I have an experience like this in my past… a long, long time ago. Really. It was not funny. I did understand the giggle box being opened by the incident but to me, it was not funny. I was hurting emotionally.

I had once posted a Snapchat video at home on a weekend and i was rap free-styling in the video. A friend who was a follower on snapchat in my office had saved the video and opened a discussion on it.They kept making sarcastic comments and laughing, i explained to them why it wasn’t funny and i didn’t like the trajectory of the discussion.

Fine we cant always take life too seriously, and i have heard a few people say if we can manage to laugh about the mishaps that happens to us we can deal with it. There is some truths in there is a clear difference in someone taking things lightly and a constant giggling reaction to everything that happens to someone?It may be a simple misspelling, grammatical error, fake designer cloths, cheap device etc.

Why the ridicule?
How is someone falling off a chair funny?
How is someone asleep with his mouth open funny?
How is someone wearing the wrong size of bra funny?
How? How? How?

And i don’t even want to get started on social media venues which has managed to turn some very painful and embarrassing moments as a source of joy for others. I know people are individuals; one group may find something funny and the other may not. For me everything is not fun

Where is our humanity and compassion as human beings? Should we always be like a pack of wild wolves always ready to devour the weakest?


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