What is my most prized possession?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pride and Joy.”

I haven’t really had to think about this question, because for me the things that are of true value are little things normal people don’t usually care about.

My candour and trust worthiness 
To be honest with the ones i care about
Having faith in humanity

The good times i share with someone i love
They forever stay in my mind
Their smile, Touch, Jokes we share
being ourselves around each other

Family – good and bad
The ones who are always there when i need them
The comfort they provide, Security, and Love
How i miss them when they are not close

Those moments of originality
Applying ideas to solve problems
Meeting challenges
Listening to Clients
Iterating solutions

My life is general is a gift i so cherish
Everyday Opportunities
Be the Best i Can
Give My All
Making a change that matter.


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