Restless Soul

Hello November,

Lately she has been feeling anxious about everyday.Each day she wake up she get this overwhelming feeling of anxiety making her heart race faster than it should.It feels like she is falling from a very tall building.Some days she feels lost, not knowing what to do with the rest of her life. If you really knew her, you would know she was not the type who just stands by and watch life pass her by.

She likes to be in charge, feel control over the things that happen to her and to feel this way really puts her mind in a messy place.

There is always this feeling she has of wanting to be somewhere else. A completely different place where nobody knows her name or who she is. She only wants a fresh start a new life, one without a cause, no burden to live according to the rules. A place she could really call home.

Could  this is her body’s way of signalling her to achieve more, grow, get off her butt and make a difference that matter? She can’t tell.

But then again She can’t leave all this behind.Her almost perfect life.
She had recently opened up her heart to some amount of intimacy and it’s been good. It’s undefined but it’s going pretty well so far.He is kind and genuinely cares but has a lil temper.This is the only place that feels like home to her these days, for the brief moment they share, her anxiety subsides.

She battling with herself inside and it’s breaking her down.She needs to be free now!!

She wants to be Free of her Demons.


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