What Men Really want in a woman

I am sure for most single men you get asked this question a lot when the subject of relationship come up. The funny part though is when you actually do tell your friends say you are too picky or just full of yourself.

At a friends wedding last year I was asked by this man and his lovely wife this same question -“what kind of woman are you looking for Ben”.My response was instant, I mean it’s not something I struggle to answer, I just know it.

A supportive woman who helps me achieve my goals and deserves me I replied. You should have seen the look on their faces when I said that. Isn’t that something a woman would say he asked?. You mean only women have the right to say what they want? I asked politely. He couldn’t answer. But then the question sparked a conversation at the table. WHAT DO MEN REALLY WANT IN A WOMAN?

After several hours of this endless chitchat I narrowed down most of their thoughts to 50 out of which only 10 matter to me personally.

These are some basic list of traits i would love the woman i want to spend the rest of my life with to poems. Besides the obvious important ones like chemistry and attraction between us.

1- intelligence. I want a woman who knows a little about a lot instead of a lot about so little.someone I can have intellectually stimulating conversations with. A witty woman is so dam sexy. Wink

2- independence. No man wants a girlfriend they have to randomly texts, call or visit every ten to fifteen minutes.she needs to be able to think on her feet and act in her best interest.She shouldn’t be holding on to memories from previous relationships and always making comparison.

3 – Non smoker and not a massive alcoholic drinker.I can compromise on the alcohol and maybe occasionally tolerate her intake of red wine her and there but not to the point of abuse nor develop a habit out of it.

4 – Young at heart. I find that women who are young at heart tend to be adventurous, exciting, enjoy some spontaneity, and generally have a playful nature about them. And really…who doesn’t love a partner they can be playful with without them getting pissed?

4 – Active. I find women who take really good of themselves very attractive, eg: she jogs every morning / goes to the gym/ eats well.

5- Upbeat and positive. I would appreciate a woman who is always upbeat and very positive irrespective of what situation she finds herself in..I need that kind of energy.

6- Sense of humor. A good sense  of humor is a plus in every relationship. Ones ability to laugh with friends, family and the one you love is process.  I once tied a towel around my neck like superman and this was like save me super man am falling..dam that was sexy..she caught me off guard but I admired her sense of humor.

7- Compassion .I would want a woman who can show concern for other people apart from herself and genuinely care. If am looking to spend the rest of my life with you am expecting some amount of compassion. There are too many self centered girls out there and I can’t just deal with that .

8- sensuality! Its all about confidence when it comes to a woman who can get any man she wants. A high self esteem in the way she looks and needs nobody to tell her otherwise. I want a woman who feels comfortable in her own sexuality.

9 – Classy. Most often when a man talks about a woman with class people misconstrued it to mean a very rich woman with a sleek car and all but class and money ain’t got nothing to to with each other, you can have one and not the other. A classy woman knows what to say where and when/ knows what to wear to where / has taste for simplicity but still remains elegant. .I don’t need to go further.

10 – Organised – planning is essential in all we do. A woman who has this quality is just awesome.

Now before you jump to the conclusion that am being too unreasonable or picky I just wanna say this is what I what..I may or may not find it but I won’t compromise either on finding  happiness .

I know some girls would be like what do I bring also to the relationship? That’s another blog post for another day :).


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