Silent Wishes

I learnt something this week and its inspired me to appreciate the love i have in my life.Love is judged by actions than a million good intentions that never see the light of day.

Live in the moment. Appreciate the ones who love and care for you.Try as much as you can and make them feel wanted, important and loved all the time.

I remember the first time i saw (actually noticed ) you for the very time..You were in a jacket and you had a yellow kind of tank top underneath,  you had long black braids.You glowed with every step you took, you were almost perfect. We had a moment briefly and it was one I could never forget. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other, even when people were watching we would steal glances at each other communicating with our eyes.

I still feel your bites on my skin, your gentle touch, that look in your eyes when you are shy. Where is that girl??

I can just think of you and smile and to me you were everything and more I could ask for. Fast forward to a month ago we are lying back to back, feeling’s never show and for me I think some things have changed.

I wish you would look at me like you did when I first met you.

I wish we had not fought so much I have actually made you into this person  I sometimes don’t even know.

I wish I had prayed for you everyday for God to keep you for me and just me.

I wish I didn’t have a fear of losing you which makes me paranoid and say hurtful things to you sometimes.

I wish i could say I was the same man I was before, but life has changed me, I have lost too many dear ones I don’t know how this thing called love works anymore.

I wish we will speak kind words to each other and build up our confidence and communication.

I wish you would be tender with me and not get upset when I am not making sense.

I wish I wasn’t afraid I would lose you and I wouldn’t know what to do.

I wish you would see what I see sometimes, maybe if you could look into my soul you could see all the good intentions I have for us. Oh how I wish I could give you the worlds and many more. I would make all those who know you jealous they would wish to be you.In time maybe.


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