Blind Smile

Sitting alone at this big table in some fancy restaurant I catch a glimpse of this young couple at the bar, she giggles silently at everything he says and seems genuinely interested in the conversation. As I watch the two of them I couldn’t help but analyse the scene and the situation, that’s just the kind of person i am.

First thing I noticed was their cell phones placed aside on a wooden tray on the counter, this came as a suprise to me as it’s the “trend” these days for people to be actively on their phones even whiles they are on a date. Anyway maybe they both had low batteries I thought to myself.

Second thing was the look on the girls face as the guy spoke to her, she seemed genuinely interested in the conversation they were having, she would pause him and ask him a question or two and when he answered she would laugh so much as though she had no care in the world. Well maybe she is pretending I thought to myself. I mean why was she trying so hard I wondered. But there was a great amount of honesty about her, maybe this is actually real.

Then there was her smile, that white sparkling teeth must be the reason she smiles so much, she had one of the most innocent smiles I had seen in a while, who could resist smiling back at this girl if she actually smiles at you.She smiled when the waitress came for their order, she smiled when he asked her what she was gonna have, she smiled when he touched her shoulder gently helping her pull up the strap on her top she was wearing.

At this point my food wasn’t still here and I could hear the sound of my stomach rambling. I kept watching the two as they continued. After a while I couldn’t wait anymore, I was so hungry but then again I was intrigued by this two love birds I couldn’t bring myself to leave. Then I saw her coming towards me with a paper and pen, this couldn’t be good, where is my food I asked her. “Sir please there is no chicken she said in a low voice” . So I have been sitting here waiting for 25 minutes for nothing? Give me tilapia then I requested, and please be fast.

The most shocking this happened as the couple I had been stealing glances at got up to leave. The guy got up first, pulled out his chair, reached for her hands to help her up. I whispered a little to myself show off would you, rub your love in my face. I mean this was becoming annoying now, actually I think it was because I was just hungry I wasn’t thinking straight. She got up and held his hand as she also reached for her cane.

What’s going on here ??She was blind? Oh dear, the shock on my face. So she couldn’t see him all this while but kept smiling? Wow this is really heart warming. I had to hold myself from gasping “awwww how sweet” . He gently helped her to the door opened the door for her and guided her out.

At this point I had completely forgotten about my hunger and all I was remembering was that smile on her face, I couldn’t help but wonder what the world was like for her to have been able to keep such a positive smile on her face even in her condition? And him, was he just with her because she was pretty or he is genuinely in  relation with a blind girl? If so he has a gentle heart.


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