Overdue Appreciation

Its mothers day and as always social media is blowing up with pictures of peoples mums with some coy messages of how much they love their mum’s. It’s just a normal day for me, I love my mum no two ways about it and I show her everyday and pray for God’s grace for her. No need posting her picture with comments she might never read on Facebook.

I would rather use this day to appreciate someone so dear to me though. Someone I don’t get to tell often how awesome she is and in my world she is my super hero, my wonder woman, that plank that I hold on to when am sinking in deep waters.

I make mistakes, I know I’m not perfect. That’s why I’m thankful for for this person who has stuck by me through all my flaws. To that person here is a little note :

I’m not perfect,
I make mistakes,
I do silly things that annoy you,
I cause pointless arguments,
And even the days i mean to make things right i end up makimg it worse.
I may put you on the spot and frustrate you,
And the jealousy dier it’s zaala (alot).

But know this I respect your hustle and admire your independce, your strength to get through life and not give a damm who is watching.

You are one in a million and that guy who gets your heart is a “lucky Bastard “. Happy women’s day to all real women out there trying to get through life.



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