Break Up, Make money

So you thought it was going to be forever?, You were sure she was the one? Well to bad, it ended and life must go on.I know you are probably thinking It was all good just weeks ago. You were perfect for each other, you guys were even on a trip to Aqua Safari just some months ago. He introduced you to his friends and all, aww how sweet of him. Somehow it just didn’t work out.

Although all breakups are somewhat the same, they all have one thing in common – leftover stuff – it could be old gifts, shared household items, pictures or other items that remind you of the laughs, joy and great moments you shared and then as well the hurt, pain and down side of the time the two of you spent together.

Your first reaction after a final breakup is to get rid of all the persons stuff that reminds you of them, delete contact numbers, block them on facebook(if thats your thing), delete old pictures yada yada yada, you know the drill.

For some people its not the same though, they might be hesitant to just toss everything into a waste bin and say good riddance to those things. They might want more for the amount of time invested in this relationship and that is okay.

I think i may have found a way to get rid of those things.Sell it online. This marketplace allows you to sell anything and everything.

There are so many e-commerce classified sites out there you can choose from – OLX  and Tonaton are my favourite. I have sold a watch, picture frame and an unopened box of perfume there and the results were awesome. I didn’t want to give these things away for free so i put it online and sold it. You can call me what you want, but i had closure after i got rid or those things.

People are already selling most things online anyway, why not join the train and cash out? She is not coming back and he he not also coming back so why hold on to those things that remind  you of them anyway?

I have friends who have pictures of girls they dated years ago in their wallet and i find it hard to understand, i don’t think a person can really move on unless they let go of the past, and that includes that watch she got you, that picture of her you keep in your locker, that shirt, jeans, bracelet etc..Let it goo!!!!!



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