Relationship Boundaries on Social Media

We’ve all scrolled through our timelines and friends feeds on one social media or another and all we see is that “friend” or friends who openly tease the whole world with their relationship on social media. From endless selfies to kissing photos, dinners and pointless updating relationship statuses . There is evidence that shows that social media platforms plays a key role in how relationships do well or end up with dissing statuses and even the almighty blocking feature.Knowing this many are therefore cautious on what they share on social media when in a relationship.

Maybe some three years ago, i had dated this girl i was in school with. If you know me i’m what you might call trendy. Let me explain, i take a lot of pictures, i easily get amused and want to share it on Facebook or Instagram. Sometimes i even write random statuses just for the fun of it.

So what was the problem? We had just started dating around that time and i was always uncertain of what aspects of our relationship were acceptable to share on social media. We always liked capturing intimate moments, like date nights and parties, it was just normal. Yet, i couldn’t just bring myself to share all of those moments on social media. I felt this would open our relationship to people who had no business in our affairs.

My girlfriend at that time didn’t get it though, she wanted to be able to share pictures on her page, profile pictures etc. So we had a talk and i explained to her why i felt it was not so cool to do so. I just didn’t want the interior of our relationship scrutinized.
She didn’t seem too excited about my reasons and i had to compromise just so she is happy. I guess what she said that got to me was the fact that maybe i didn’t want the world to know we were together or something like that she said. But who cares?? Why should society determine what i can or cannot do?? I wasn’t ready to argue that day i just gave in.

So yea we(more like she) decided to share some pictures on social media but then i made it clear it wasn’t every picture that she could post,every moment isn’t offered for public consumption. keep it on your phone and look at it when you are bored and smile i said.

I think that its essential and everyone has to be strategic about what we choose to share with friends and relatives and what should be for just you, especially when you are in a relationship.

Everyone is just in a hurry to show off their special other and post all day about your good times and how wonderful he or she is.

Truth is most of your friends doesn’t care what your ‘boo’ served you in bed? Neither do they care what he got you for your birthday. A ‘like’ or comment of praise wont matter when things get real serious fast, would you post on social media and ask what to do when he doesn’t communicate properly with you? How about when he or she starts Cheating? Are you going to post that as well? Where do you draw the line? For me it ends when my business becomes other peoples business, then all of a sudden people think they can be giving you advise on how to treat your woman etc (Its all BS).

Setting boundaries are really important and you shouldn’t take that for granted at all.




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