It was a ‘Clare’ Day.

Rumours spread like wild fire i guess, and when you are the subject of that rumour, trust me it ain’t funny at all.

The Chime Bell ring tone on my phone woke me up suddenly at about 5:15am. It was a cool quiet morning, I was going to have a great day I thought to myself.

I couldn’t get to work as early as I thought I would, and that bothered me a little because I had to leave late and I wouldn’t be home early to watch the new episodes of Suits I had downloaded the previous day.

It was 9:30am already and time for our daily stand ups at work, I went upstairs as I always do and soon it was over. I later got a text asking if I had written a note to the new girl who had joined us not long ago. Something I had done somewhere last week, as I was casually having a conversation with a colleague  (name withheld ). I think she was commenting about my tie not matching my shirt, she put me on the spot and I started to fidget and sat down on the new girl’s chair.

We spoke for a while and just when I was about to leave, I noticed the sticky note on my colleague’s desk. I asked for a pen and wrote “have a nice day” and signed her name under the note. I had forgotten all about it and went about my day. If only I had known the repercussions of my little actions.

I would eventually come to resent that day and that particular action I took. I should have kept my hands in my pocket and stayed out of trouble.

Before long, there was rumour of an employee receiving a “Love Note” from another employee. It had gotten so far that almost everyone knew of this. I caught a gist of the rumour and the parties involved. I’m sure all those who hadn’t even noticed me and heard of this suddenly knew my name. The feeling wasn’t so great.

I was shocked and mildly annoyed at the situation. Who would do that? I thought to myself, why would anybody misinterpret “have a nice day ” to mean I was trying to make a move on the new girl?

I had to fix this, so I went to her and asked for my note back(for proof, in case she distorts the story), I asked her if she thought I had any ill intentions for leaving her that note. I explained to her I would have done that for anybody and it was because I was at her desk that is why she happened to be the recipient of that particular note.

She genuinely had an expression of shock on her face and apologised. I thought that was the end of that till I actually found out the parties involved in spreading the roumour, people I had thought would have been more open minded and matured enough to just brush it off as nothing. This is who they are I guess (petty and light).

I was so pissed that day I couldn’t think clearly, it took Erica, my other colleague to calm me down, she did a great job and I felt like a disarmed bomb after she spoke with me.

The most painful part of it all another person I thought would have understood me had asked me a question. which at that moment just broke my heart. She had asked if I was sure what I said I wrote was all there is to it and if I had no ulterior motives. I tried not to show the shock and disappointed feelings going through my body and walked away.

Has the world come to this? Is this all there is to the kind of “relationship” between a boy and a girl? Would any other person had interpreted my note the same way? I remember Neha, American girl I knew who had her internship in Ghana, I had left her a similar note and she had thought that was actually very considerate. Maybe her culture was different and maybe she looked at the cup half full rather than half empty.

I learnt my lesson but I have lost some “friends” which is fine. I will keep to my people (ninis) and I guess I will be fine.

It seems that niceness on a grand scale has become so uncommon that we almost expect people to be rude, or, if we’re lucky, ignore us entirely. A friendly “Hi” to a passerby or assistance to a needy stranger has become infrequent for many reason.


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