Its 11:29AM and i am still at my desk doodling
Random lines in my yellow cover notebook

I love yellow, yellow is calming and makes me jolly.
I wonder why this isnt my favourite color?

Anyway you did this, you got me sitting here
Smiling and pondering about our ride to work this morning

I was lost in you this morning
laughing and listening to 50’s pop on the radio

You seduced me off course today
Telling you all my secrets and future plans

Let’s escape again this afternoon
lye on our backs in the grass as the sun rays hits our faces

I was lost in you this morning
So cozy and comfortable nothing else mattered

You led me astray for a whole hour
Drunk on happiness and happy thoughts

Where will we go tomorrow? or the day after ?
Lets escape briefly to more places filled with rainbows and joy.

In memory of our time shared and the ones to come.


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