I was waiting

Let me start by first apologising for the long absence. I had become part of the statistics of writers who whine about not being able to write lately…I’ve been absent-minded for months, feeling like what I have to say wont really be a reflection of my true self. But the truth is that i had... Continue Reading →


At-least am not as sad as i used to be

Lately I've come to realize the obvious: in the pursuit of happiness there is only one measure of success — being content with what you have and who you are. For example, I personally don’t really enjoy many things most people enjoy, going out to hang out with friends, or getting drunk. And yet, many... Continue Reading →

Happy Moments

I don't think I really have a "happiest" moments, but there are happy moments that stand out more than others. One example of this was my first kiss...it was just so perfect. I had literally just gotten back from  a long day at school and I got a phone call from a girl in my school.... Continue Reading →

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