Its 11:29AM and i am still at my desk doodling Random lines in my yellow cover notebook I love yellow, yellow is calming and makes me jolly. I wonder why this isnt my favourite color? Anyway you did this, you got me sitting here Smiling and pondering about our ride to work this morning I... Continue Reading →


Liar Liar pants on fire

It's been a while I gathered my thoughts and wrote something down worth reading. Actually maybe a little bit too long, and it's because I didn't want to put too much out here. There are little things I would like to keep private, close to my heart and not let it out. So much is... Continue Reading →

It was a ‘Clare’ Day.

Rumours spread like wild fire i guess, and when you are the subject of that rumour, trust me it ain't funny at all. The Chime Bell ring tone on my phone woke me up suddenly at about 5:15am. It was a cool quiet morning, I was going to have a great day I thought to... Continue Reading →

Break Up, Make money

So you thought it was going to be forever?, You were sure she was the one? Well to bad, it ended and life must go on.I know you are probably thinking It was all good just weeks ago. You were perfect for each other, you guys were even on a trip to Aqua Safari just... Continue Reading →

Relationship Boundaries on Social Media

We’ve all scrolled through our timelines and friends feeds on one social media or another and all we see is that "friend" or friends who openly tease the whole world with their relationship on social media. From endless selfies to kissing photos, dinners and pointless updating relationship statuses . There is evidence that shows that social media platforms plays a... Continue Reading →

The Cost of Wrestling with God

Do i want to be writing this on this blog? No. So why then am i doing it? Its because maybe this could help someone come back on track, you may have lost your way but there is always a light that shines bright at the end of the tunnel and that sweet voice calling... Continue Reading →

Overdue Appreciation

Its mothers day and as always social media is blowing up with pictures of peoples mums with some coy messages of how much they love their mum's. It's just a normal day for me, I love my mum no two ways about it and I show her everyday and pray for God's grace for her.... Continue Reading →

Blind Smile

Sitting alone at this big table in some fancy restaurant I catch a glimpse of this young couple at the bar, she giggles silently at everything he says and seems genuinely interested in the conversation. As I watch the two of them I couldn't help but analyse the scene and the situation, that's just the... Continue Reading →

Silent Wishes

I learnt something this week and its inspired me to appreciate the love i have in my life.Love is judged by actions than a million good intentions that never see the light of day. Live in the moment. Appreciate the ones who love and care for you.Try as much as you can and make them... Continue Reading →

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