Silent Wishes

I learnt something this week and its inspired me to appreciate the love i have in my life.Love is judged by actions than a million good intentions that never see the light of day. Live in the moment. Appreciate the ones who love and care for you.Try as much as you can and make them... Continue Reading →


Restless Soul

Hello November, Lately she has been feeling anxious about everyday.Each day she wake up she get this overwhelming feeling of anxiety making her heart race faster than it should.It feels like she is falling from a very tall building.Some days she feels lost, not knowing what to do with the rest of her life. If you really knew her, you would know she... Continue Reading →

What is my most prized possession?

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Pride and Joy." I haven't really had to think about this question, because for me the things that are of true value are little things normal people don't usually care about. My candour and trust worthiness  To be honest with the ones i care about Having faith... Continue Reading →

Everything is Not Funny

Nana had just made a serious grammatical mistake in a company meeting, we were all paying close attention to him until the dreadful blunder. He turns to look back at his colleagues sitting behind him, everyone's eyes focused on him as he turned. Wow that was loud his friend in the back exclaimed!!He doesn't usually... Continue Reading →

Woman On a Ledge

Damn. Here we go again… Risking it all again He holds her gaze and looks her straight in her very pale eyes Blasting her heart into a million pieces She suffocates every time he is near And when she opens her mouth to speak the works don't come out She wants to escape, shut out... Continue Reading →

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